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[ad#Google Adsense] As an intermediate guitar player, I love nothing more than playing my favorite songs on my Gibson acoustic. I also love learning new songs and trying out new guitar techniques. I’m always buying cord books and practicing with friends to try and learn new stuff.

Recently, a friend of mine put me onto Jamplay.

For those of you who don’t know about it, JamPlay is a guitar membership site that guarantees to improve your guitar playing with the use of  online video lessons. It offers lessons for all abilities from beginner right through to advanced guitarists, for both acoustic and electric guitars alike. The site itself boasts more than 20,000 minutes of video content, providing enough lessons for you to be able to learn and master the guitar.

My first impressions of JamPlay are excellent and to be honest I’ve been staggered by the amount of content and the general quality of all the information on there.

Split into 3 different sections, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, each section focuses on different levels, techniques and styles of guitar playing. Section 1 covers the basics that every beginner should know, while section 2 teaches you more on specific guitar genres and styles. Section 3 is all about  learning actual songs. I decided to jump straight to section 2, where the lessons were more about strumming techniques, posture, chords, scales and more. A lot of the information I hadn’t been taught before so is was great to learn all this new stuff.

The quality of the videos really impressed me too and they really should be seen to be believed. They are all recorded in HD and are about 40 minutes in length. Navigating around the videos couldn’t be easier and dead easy to stop and go back to something you may have missed.

All in all I really enjoy using JamPlay and would have no problem recommending it to any other guitar players. I’d not considered it before but online tutorial is a great way of learning to play guitar. You have access to so many guitar teachers that can teach you much more than one ever could. It’s also great to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

There is one downside to JamPlay and that is the monthly cost. After comparing it to other similar sites, it is a bit more expensive but for the quality of the teaching and considering what you can pay for private lessons I reckon it is still very reasonable. Another downside is that you will need a decent broadband connection to make full use of the site.

Having said all that, the pros far outweigh the cons and I would recommend anyone to use JamPlay. I know, as a guitarist I’ve improved so much since signing up for membership.

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